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American Horror Story: Police

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The Soldier - drawn in Photoshop

I don’t care if she smokes or has a nude photo online I will never look at that. I don’t care how rude she is to some people. I respect her no matter how much crap she has in the media. There is a 24 year old in there living her life. Sure she made a mistake but don’t we all. It’s like we live in a world where famous people only make mistakes. Sure she regrets it but has moved on. She only brought it up so we know how she is dealing with it. Yeah it pisses her off but wouldn’t we all be pissed if it happened to us. We already bug them enough with the lies of the media the paparazzi that never gives them a break. They are normal people who made a choice to become and actor/tress or singer. They all should have the same respect we have. Also it’s takes someone to come out and talk about there mistakes really that is hard for someone who is so famous. Treat people how you would want to be treated. 
Jennifer Lawrence will always be my hero no matter what happens or what she does. But what I love about her she always thinks about being positive. 

I agree, this whole “Fappening” disgusts me. People who have looked at the pictures should be ashamed of themselves and i totally understand why she feels violated. People have no right to steel someones nudes. It’s private.
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